No other industrial product embodies nature like paper. Paper production respects natural cycles, but thanks to advanced technology is more than just sustainable...

  • Toilet Paper Art
20 September 2017

Art – like beauty – is in the eyes of the beholder

The art of papermaking in Pescia

4 September 2017

Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: Aqueduct Nottolini, a precious piece of heritage, carrier of water, genius and magic, just a few minutes from Lucca’s historical center.

Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: getting acquainted with Bologna, Italy’s “old lady”.

Jobs and labor organization in the paper mills

Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: Lecco, home of the poet Alessandro Manzoni

Throughout the Napoleonic era, the paper industry led a life that was anything but serene. Only with the fall of the Baciocchi family in 1814...

From a toilet paper wedding dress contest to the problem of toilet paper in space stations; from asbestos paper to toilet roll thefts in hotels: 10 paper curiosities from the strange to the ridiculous.

From the founding of the first paper mill to the rags war