He was awarded a prize for optical illusion of 2016 and anyone can replicate it using the so-called “core” of toilet paper rolls.

How has advertising tackled the burning issue of “poop”? Here’s a digression that explores the topic: from the beginning, when the subject was practically taboo, to more modern ways of tackling the issue.

Advertising is one of the most reliable indicators of the mood and taste of any given society. Let’s embark on a journey through the history of advertising for kitchen paper products to discover how we were and where we are today.

Which is the most hygienic method? What role do beliefs and prejudice play in determining that “feeling of cleanliness”?

Identifying and anticipating trends is foundational to defining winning business strategies. Let’s enact a futuristic scenario of consumption by projecting ourselves into the year 2067.

Not just for dissemination and storing of knowledge. It is only thanks to paper that we can count analysis among the tools of thought.

The triumph of straw paper and the founding of the “societa’ cartaria” paper society.

No other industrial product embodies nature like paper. Paper production respects natural cycles, but thanks to advanced technology is more than just sustainable...

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20 September 2017

Art – like beauty – is in the eyes of the beholder

The art of papermaking in Pescia