From supply needs to the creation of projects which were unthinkable before, with iT’s Tissue 2018 we have built the tissue of tomorrow together   Abraham Maslow’s pyramid-shaped diagram indicating the 5 most fundamental human needs dates back to 1954. At the base of the pyramid are physiological needs; at the top is so-called self-actualization.

On the nights of 27 and 28 June, the skies of the Tissue Valley will offer an unrepeatable spectacle: Saturn at the minimum distance from Earth and the Strawberry Moon. After discovering technology, it’s time for star gazing and discovering symbolism!   They are part of our lives. They inspire us, they make the night

  • Ho Oponopono

Corporate welfare is making headway as an asset for ensuring the workplace is a pleasant place to be where ideas can blossom. To confer true added value to technology, knowhow, tradition and productivity, corporate culture must be enriched by leaders capable of motivating and supporting people, generating pride and a sense of belonging.   Like