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Corporate welfare is making headway as an asset for ensuring the workplace is a pleasant place to be where ideas can blossom. To confer true added value to technology, knowhow, tradition and productivity, corporate culture must be enriched by leaders capable of motivating and supporting people, generating pride and a sense of belonging.   Like

  • White Label Products

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly fond of private labels, even for tissue products. And it’s about more than just savings. At the turn of the millennium, the so-called “retailer branded products” were already registering growth trends in the European market. At the time, tissue paper products were achieving significant sales volumes and market share with

  • The Party - The Mirisch Corporation

A common object of everyday life, toilet paper, is also present in the history of cinema. Aaaand… action! Aaaand… let it rip! Let the cameras roll! Aaaand… Let the cameras roll! Adventure, horror, splatter, comedies, action, road movies… except for westerns, toilet paper has a role in the history of cinema, and often, a first-rate

Everyone is talking about it, so the converting process towards Industry 4.0 deserves to understood in depth. Here are 10 things that (perhaps) you did not know.

How toilet paper can and must change after the discovery of the "second brain" in order to be winner with the population of the "underrated organ".

In recent years – with the aid of social networks – a heated debate has ensued on how to hang a toilet roll. But actually, the truth dates back to 1891...

He was awarded a prize for optical illusion of 2016 and anyone can replicate it using the so-called “core” of toilet paper rolls.

How has advertising tackled the burning issue of “poop”? Here’s a digression that explores the topic: from the beginning, when the subject was practically taboo, to more modern ways of tackling the issue.

Advertising is one of the most reliable indicators of the mood and taste of any given society. Let’s embark on a journey through the history of advertising for kitchen paper products to discover how we were and where we are today.

Which is the most hygienic method? What role do beliefs and prejudice play in determining that “feeling of cleanliness”?