Throughout the Napoleonic era, the paper industry led a life that was anything but serene. Only with the fall of the Baciocchi family in 1814...

From a toilet paper wedding dress contest to the problem of toilet paper in space stations; from asbestos paper to toilet roll thefts in hotels: 10 paper curiosities from the strange to the ridiculous.

From the founding of the first paper mill to the rags war

Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: meet Reggio Emilia, the wounded city that gave rights to the children of the world.

In terms of production, economic results and technology, the Italian paper industry is a winning model on a global scale.

Launching it, using it to improve hygienic conditions, eliminating its supply, distributing it free of charge or removing it from schools. With toilet paper you can not only do politics, you can also make a revolution!

Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: getting to know Lucca, for centuries the cradle of the technology that lies at the base of paper production. Here, where passion and energy merge into one, lies an enchanting city that never stops amazing. Its roots are embedded in a deep past, in the churches that rise on every corner, in the sumptuous villas and...

The international trade show, for the first time ever in Milan.   This year the It’s Tissue brand, that unites 12 excellences of Made in Italy, will be present at Tissue World.   The edition takes place in Milan from 10 to 12 April, where the companies of the Italian Tissue Valley are participating with

12 companies, 12 visions, 12 excellences, 12 ways to change the world, 12 interpretations of a unique territory that has always opened up new roads. This is It's Tissue. Not a trade show but a place where energy and ideas blend together and multiply, giving tissue production a heart & soul.