5 reasons why you absolutely cannot miss it’s tissue 2022

iT’s Tissue returns from 6 to 10 June 2022.

The event dedicated to Tissue industry technology, in an exceptional setting, is a unique opportunity to discover all the innovations and trends in the sector.

You cannot miss it and here’s why!


The 5 reasons you should participate in iT’s Tissue 2022


  1.  Don’t miss the innovations

    iT’s Tissue focusses on the factors that we all deal with daily: safeguarding the planet, saving energy, using raw materials responsibly, increasing the use of recycled materials. These goals are inseparable from the optimization of industrial production, and call for high-performance solutions that touch upon every aspect of business: production, social, financial and environmental.iT’s Tissue actively looks to the future, focusing on innovative technologies and know-how.

  2. Experience innovation first-hand

    During a week dedicated to Tissue, the Network Members open their doors to welcome visitors to the heart of their facilities. Get to know them from the inside out, and witness the latest technological insights first-hand.iT’s Tissue is about a convergence of ideas, values and objectives for all participants to share.

    Tissue Home will be the meeting point for all scheduled appointments during the week, the hub for transfers to the Open Houses and also for spending some downtime in a convivial atmosphere.

  3. Visit Italy

    As before, iT’s Tissue involves four Italian cities: Lucca, Bologna, Lecco and Reggio Emilia.The venues are not coincidental but represent key locations for the industry. They also offer a wealth of cultural and historical highlights as well as opportunities to relax and slow the pace a bit. By participating in iT’s Tissue 2022, you will be able to encounter not only the companies within the Network close-up, but also the places where these companies were born and have written their history.

    You can make the most of your free time by taking in the beauty of these exceptional locations, discover more about the cities which play such an important role in the event, and enjoy the warm and welcoming ambience that makes Italy so special.

  4. An opportunity to meet together

    Although the nature of social interaction may have changed, one certainty remains, and that is the desire to meet together. Digitalization brings so many opportunities, but personal relationships are still vital for enrichment, dialogue and mutual exchange.iT’s Tissue is the chance meet friends and colleagues in person again after these difficult few years.iT’s Tissue is the point where we resume traveling and simply spend time together.

  5. iT’s Tissue awaits you. The countdown has begun! Let’s do iT’

    At iT’s Tissue 2022, you will find the solutions you need, the contacts you value and get acquainted with the technological innovations that hold the key to the industry’s future.
    It’s your program, your event. You decide what you want to see, what makes you curious and which of the most forward-thinking developments and initiatives in the Tissue field are most relevant to you.