Discovering It’s Tissue 2018: getting to know Lucca, for centuries the cradle of the technology that lies at the base of paper production.


Here, where passion and energy merge into one, lies an enchanting city that never stops amazing. Its roots are embedded in a deep past, in the churches that rise on every corner, in the sumptuous villas and cached gardens.


The ancient walls surrounding the city are a majestic monument, unique in the world. A place for strolling, a place of beauty, sounds and perfumes. The historical palazzos and towers on one side, an elegant green mantle on the other, a backdrop of mountains and hills.


A place rich in suggestions and legends, where tradition meets creativity, where experience is a form of culture and food a pleasure to savor to the fullest. Here, the aptitude for re-invention is a reason for pride. And it is here that the production of tissue finds new essence, day after day.


When a location is so wonderfully engrossing, it is destined to remain in people’s hearts.


Welcome to Lucca.