12 companies, 12 visions, 12 excellences, 12 ways to change the world, 12 interpretations of a unique territory that has always opened up new roads.


This is iT’s Tissue. Not a trade show but a place where energy and ideas blend together and multiply, giving tissue production a heart & soul.


But it does not suffice to say that iT’s Tissue is a unique event because iT’s Tissue is the only event where the technology of tomorrow becomes reality today.


Imagine finding yourself in Italy, in a place that has always known how to turn problems into new solutions, imagine immersing yourself in a city where knowledge and knowhow are cultivated as a form of wisdom, imagine finding that special thing you are looking for but that you had not yet thought about, imagine your company of the future.
All this is iT’s Tissue. All this will be iT’s Tissue 2018.


Your future? It’s not conventional, iT’s Tissue.


We look forward to seeing you in Lucca, Bologna, Lecco and Reggio Emilia from 25 to 29 June 2018.