Maslow's Pyramid for Tissue Companies

From supply needs to the creation of projects which were unthinkable before, with iT’s Tissue 2018 we have built the tissue of tomorrow together


Abraham Maslow’s pyramid-shaped diagram indicating the 5 most fundamental human needs dates back to 1954. At the base of the pyramid are physiological needs; at the top is so-called self-actualization.
If the base is represented by physiological needs, the tier just above it is what Maslow calls “safety“, i.e. safely knowing that we are able to survive, to have a remunerated job, to own things. Going further up, we find needs related to belonging, what makes us feel part of a family, of a group of friends, of a loving relationship. Then there is the need for esteem, or rather self-esteem that derives from being self-satisfied, which is something more than mere survival: being loved, being appreciated for who we are. At the very top of the pyramid is creative and moral self-actualization, embracing experiences of openness and universality; in a word, evolution.
If we bring Maslow’s diagram into our world, we can create a “tissue pyramid” whose vertex can clearly indicate the future structure of production.

Physiology: materials and machines

What for people is represented by the physiological need for survival, in the tissue field is the need for raw material. In this historic-cultural context, everything that constitutes supply is at this level: raw material, energy and machinery. To the future of these types of need we answer with higher performing projects, with machines capable of saving energy, with production solutions that pursue sustainable goals at every phase of the process.

Safety: operation and assistance

In tissue production, safety is represented by the certainty of continuous processes, of guaranteed performance levels, of continuous and effective assistance. We answer this need with top range projects, with futuristic solutions, with industry 4.0-compatible approaches in remote assistance that guarantee intervention anywhere, in real time, 24/7 for 365 days a year.

Belonging: being members of a family

Where individuals need to feel part of a family that protects them and supports them, in tissue, being part of the iT’s Tissue group means having the recognition and dedication of the best specialists on the market ready to listen, understand and resolve.

Esteem: respect for the role

This is a clear aspect: in the Tissue Valley every company, everyone is welcomed, acknowledged and respected. To produce useful technology, we are convinced that the first step is to know the needs of people in depth – from technicians to the company’s administrators. We know how to do this, we demand it of ourselves and we do it in full respect of the Italian lifestyle, with a smile, a good glass of wine and the best of our cuisine.

Self-actualization: dreams that become reality

Companies need a superior self-actualization, too, because work is not just business but it is also dream, perfection, a desire to change the world. And so together with our customers we have succeeded in attaining this goal by founding a new way to understand tissue and outlining the road to the future for everyone. Thanks to dialogue, to listening, to the participation of partners and customers, the 12 companies of the Tissue Valley have created something that makes it possible to realize the dream of having safer, more profitable, more sustainable companies, more comfortable for those who work there, manufacturing better products and making the experience of the final consumer something truly unique.
iT’s Tissue 2018 marks the end of an epoch and the beginning of a new era.
Stay tuned!