Saturn and the Strawberry Moon for iT's Tissue 2018

On the nights of 27 and 28 June, the skies of the Tissue Valley will offer an unrepeatable spectacle: Saturn at the minimum distance from Earth and the Strawberry Moon. After discovering technology, it’s time for star gazing and discovering symbolism!
They are part of our lives. They inspire us, they make the night more beautiful. According to some, they influence us. And at iT’s Tissue 2018… we’ll be seeing lots of them!

Saturn, the lord of the rings

It is probably the most evocative planet in our solar system and on the night of Wednesday, 27 June, it will be at the minimum distance from the Earth, easy to see and bigger than ever. For enthusiasts, Saturn represents ambition, the ability to seize goals. However, we also need to loosen up and be free from obligations once in a while.
Determination, results orientation, dedication to goals and at the same time, a balance between work and life is what we aspire to every day in the Tissue Valley. That is why we welcome this extraordinarily beautiful astronomical event with great curiosity.

The full moon in June: Strawberry Moon

It is the sky’s feminine, warm, protective and maternal side. At 6:53 am on 28 June, the sky lights up not just with a full moon, but with the Strawberry Moon. The Native American tribe that gave the name to this type of full moon were the Algonquians, who began their strawberry harvest under this moon. And it is a strawberry banquet – symbol of good luck – that will be offered to the visitors at Tissue Home.
The Strawberry Moon symbolizes expansion, light, the discovery of thoughts, feelings and new truths. We chose this period also because with iT’s Tissue we hope new technological horizons can open up, new challenges be conquered together. And all this starting from the desire to dream like children. And so may the Strawberry Moon be a haven for the intuitive and childlike part of each and every one of us that John Lennon sang about when he recalled the field full of strawberries where he found refuge to dream, as a child: “Let me take you down ‘cause I’m going to Strawberry Fields, nothing is real and nothing to get hung about Strawberry Fields forever, Strawberry Fields forever”.
In the June night sky of the Tissue Valley, our guests will be able to find the ideal ending to everything learned during the day. To technological perfection, engineering solutions, production dynamics, to the beauty of art & food, we can now add the mystery and enchantment of the stars. We are engineers, technicians, administrators, sales managers, but we are also people and we cannot deny the charm, the awe, the full richness of spirit that a star-studded sky can instill in us.
Enjoy the night sky everyone!