iT's Tissue. iT’s not conventional.

Either separation or integration. Either cooperation or competition. Or all of them together taking us in a new, creative direction. The history of humanity is full of unexpected turning points which change the landscape and allow for that process that we all call evolution.
There is one person, unknown to most of us, who helps us understand how important diversity is as a fundamental factor for evolution. His name is Alexander von Humboldt.


Traveling from local to global: Alexander von Humboldt and the idea of nature
“No single fact can be considered in isolation”. Today, this reflection may seem obvious, but if you lived in the late 18th/early 19th centuries, it was absolutely revolutionary – so much so that it was almost incomprehensible in its profound implications. Humboldt elaborated this view after traveling the world for many years while at the same time studying, analyzing and accumulating knowledge. This vision created the concept of nature still recognized today: a system where everything has meaning, everything is related and there is no detail which does not have a place in the overall picture.


Alexander Von Humboldt: from the idea of ecology to the concept of sharing
At a time when everything pointed to the importance of extreme specialization, Humboldt nurtured the idea of sharing knowledge: “Collaboration operates through a process in which the successful intellectual achievements of one person arouse the intellectual passions and enthusiasms of others”. And in the same way, iT’s Tissue reinvents how best to participate in the market for the tissue supply chain.


iT’s Tissue: the global network where competition is not the only value
In every field there is a global consciousness founded on collective ingenuity, fueled by individual intuition and which generates evolution. Can the ingenuity of one individual unfetter itself from this general and shared knowledge? The answer is obvious: no.
This understanding underpinned the inception of iT’s Tissue. It has gone from being a local network to a worldwide event, and one which is still growing today, taking on an even broader perspective. What spurs leading, competing companies to come together and share experiences? It stems from the awareness that – as Humboldt said – “No single fact can be considered in isolation”. Focused on this idea, the members of iT’s Tissue are looking beyond competition alone; they no longer look behind but, together, look forward. Sharing know-how, building an eco-system of excellence, helping stakeholders to be better informed in their choices. By  taking into account the needs of a supply chain which requires enhanced stability and compatibility, they have fully absorbed the lesson taught by Alexander von Humboldt and by nature itself.


So good luck to iT’s Tissue and to its members, and a warm welcome to all those companies who decide to share in its values, aspirations and vision.


Stay tuned!