White Paper: recognizing and managing stress at work

It can all start with excitement but then …

When stress creeps into the workplace, both individuals and companies are the victims. From health problems psychological distress and declining productivity to sick leave and poor decision-making, stress takes the helm and drives you towards the abyss.

However, it is possible to prevent stress if people and organizations unite in a virtuous circle to recognize, manage and prevent the damage this insidious silent killer can cause.

People are the true assets of any company. They should also be the first stakeholders to take into account. People’s well-being should be the foremost sustainability goal.

The iT’s Tissue companies have developed and produced a comprehensive guide to effectively combat stress in the workplace and ensure that, as Mr. Bezos* puts it, “If I am happy at home, I come into the office with tremendous energy and if I am happy at work, I come home with tremendous energy”. This complete and exhaustive White Paper offers suggestions and practical advice for how to put in place, immediately, the countermeasures to deal with work-related stress. From organization to processes, from communication to management and employees, all potential contributors to workplace stress come under the spotlight.

*Jeff Bezos

Did you know? Perhaps not everyone knows that in Great Britain alone in 2020, the number of workers suffering from stress, depression or anxiety related to work was 828,000: twice as many as 10 years earlier.


Recognizing and managing stress in the workplace