Tissue 360° magazine throws a positive light on It’s Tissue 2018

iT’s Tissue 2018 promises to take the event to new heights, and a global awareness campaign, including media coverage, is now in full swing.


This month sees the publication of TAPPI’s Tissue360° magazine Fall/Winter edition which features a detailed two-page preview of iT’s Tissue 2018, highlighting the event’s special status as a unique journey through the connected world of tissue.


TAPPI, Media Partner for Tissue 2018, distributes the biannual print and digital issues of Tissue 360° to an international tissue industry audience, alongside its semi-monthly Paper360° magazine.


The Tissue 360° article covers all the 12 Tissue Italy network members behind the iT’s Tissue event, giving a summary of their tissue technology specialisations. It also details the special opportunities which a visit to iT’s Tissue presents to all visitors.


TAPPI together with RISI are organisers of the Tissue 2017 Conference & Expo in Miami, USA.