iT’s Tissue press tour attracts leading journalists

A three-day press tour during iT’s Tissue saw leading paper-sector editors from Europe, North America and the Middle East witness live technology from the companies behind the event.


For the media, as for all visitors, it was a unique networking opportunity, cultural exchange and a chance to take away a vision of the tissue industry’s future.


“The media have strongly supported to the development of iT’s Tissue since its launch in 2012,” said executive vice president Marco Dell’Osso. “They were quick to understand the concept and the unique experience which the event represents. The press tour has enabled them to engage with the key innovations from all the network, covering the entire tissue value chain.”


The benefits of the press tour are mutual: 12 leading Italian technology companies have engaged closely with influential journalists, while the members of the press got to experience the technologies which are shaping the industry and ask searching questions of the entrepreneurs and innovators behind them.


Specialist writers from the automation sector also joined the tour at the invitation of iT’s Tissue main sponsor Rockwell Automation. Separately, leading local and national Italian business media covered the week-long event in detail, highlighting the importance of the sector as a beacon of Italian engineering excellence.