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Saturn and the Strawberry Moon for iT's Tissue 2018

On the nights of 27 and 28 June, the skies of the Tissue Valley will offer an unrepeatable...

Slava's Snowshow for iT's Tissue

iT's Tissue 2018 - Day 2: It's Party!

iT's Tissue 2018 - Day 2: Life at the Tissue Home

iT's Tissue 2018 - Day 1: people and... supercars!

iT's Tissue 2018 it's now! - First shots

Ho'oponopono and Human Resources: new corporate management styles in practice

Corporate welfare is making headway as an asset for ensuring the workplace is a pleasant place...

Private Labels in the Tissue Industry, between Market Contraction and Expansion

Today’s consumers are becoming increasingly fond of private labels, even for tissue products....

From Celluloid to Cellulose: Toilet Paper in Cinema

A common object of everyday life, toilet paper, is also present in the history of cinema.